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Conferene Sessions

We request you to submit a brief idea or abstract of your talk/presentation/symposium/workshop according to your session interest!

Track 1: Global Trends in Emerging Infectious Diseases
Track 2: Infectious Diseases and Neuro Infectious Diseases
Track 3: Infectious Diseases Prevention, Control and Cure
Track 4: Coronaviruses

Track 5: COVID-19 Biological Research Progress
Track 6: COVID-19 Epidemiological Study
Track 7: COVID-19 Infection Prevention and Control
Track 8: Bacterial & Fungal Infectious Diseases

Track 9: Rare Infectious Diseases and Immune Deficiencies
Track 10: Ebola and Zika Viral Infections
Track 11: Clinical Research and Public Awareness
Track 12: HIV/AIDS

Track 13: Pediatric Infectious Diseases/ Childhood Infectious Diseases
Track 14: Respiratory Diseases
Track 15: Sexually Transmitted Diseases/ Sexually Transmitted Infections
Track 16: Viral Infectious Diseases

Track 17: Malaria and Hepatitis
Track 18: Immunology of Infections
Track 19: Vaccines and Vaccination
Track 20: Tuberculosis

Track 21: New Antiviral, Antibacterial and Antifungal Agents
Track 22: Nosocomial Infections And Epidemiology
Track 23: Parasitic Diseases

Track 24: Imaging Of Infections With Next Generation Microscopy
Track 25: Veterinary Infectious Diseases
Track 26: Immunology Of Infections


Schedule accurate will be available in early of April 2021. Please be kindly wait. Here is the brief timetable for your reference.

Friday, April 16th, 2021
10:00-17:00 Registration
Saturday, April 17th, 2021
09:00-18:00 Welcome Address and Opening Remarks; Keynote Speech; Lunch; Track
Sunday, April 18th, 2021
09:00-18:00 Track; Coffee Break; Lunch; Track


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Important Dates
Start Date for Abstract Submissions June 15, 2020
Second Round Abstract Submissions December 15, 2020
Final Round Abstract Submissions January 15, 2021
End Date for Abstract Submissions March 15, 2021


Thank you for attending ICGID-2021! Please read the following instructions & guidelines for abstract submission and oral presentations carefully.

1. Preparations - Abstract

All attendees have the opportunity to write a short abstract of their research work. Please submit your abstract by e-mail to Selected abstracts will be published on the proceedings of conference after acceptation.
We kindly request that you keep the cut-off dates for submission in mind: March 15, 2021.

2. Your Written Presentation

Please prepare your presentation in English. The absolute deadline to include your presentation in the Conference Proceedings is March 15, 2021. We need to receive your paper in our office on or before this date! PAPERS RECEIVED AFTER THIS DATE CANNOT BE INCLUDED IN THE PRINTED CONFERENCE PROCEEDINGS.
Please submit your paper in MS Word and e-mail to: If you need to make changes or withdraw your abstract/title from the program BEFORE THE CONFERENCE, please contact


Abstract Template (click to download)

4. Your Oral Presentation

For your oral presentation you may bring a PowerPoint file on a CD or USB flash drive (memory stick). The organizers will copy these files onto the general laptop for beamer projection. It is suggested that you email a copy of your presentation to your personal inbox as a backup. If for some reasons the files can’t be accessed from your flash drive, you will be able to download them to the computer from your email.
All oral presenters are required to submit an electronic version of their presentation 15-20 minutes prior to the beginning of the session in the meeting room. All presentations will be scanned for viruses and subsequently loaded on the main projector computer.
Use of your own laptop is not recommended
● Movies: If your PowerPoint files contain movies, please make sure that they are well formatted and connected to the main files.
● Timing: Please make sure that your presentation is well timed. Every speaker has a maximum of 25 minutes total, including speaking time and discussion. Please keep in mind that the program is full, and that the speakers after you would like their allocated time available to them.


1. The organizers of ICGID-2021 welcome all abstracts within the scope of the meeting. Submitted abstracts will be reviewed by experts and scheduled for either oral or poster presentation during the congress. Irrelevant or poor-quality abstracts may be rejected.

2. Abstracts may only be submitted to the email:

3. Abstracts need to be written in clear English, taking into account the specifications below:

Maximum word count of abstract title: 20 words.
Maximum word count of abstract text: 300 words (adjust in case of tables/figures).
Abstract topics should be selected during the submission process from the list of predefined topics in order to facilitate abstract review and scheduling.
The Organizing Committee of ICGID-2021 reserves the rights to delete, edit, or add keywords to achieve uniformity throughout abstract publications.

4. Abstracts will be recorded exactly as submitted. No editing of abstract texts will be done. However, failure to comply with the above guidelines may be corrected by the meeting organizers.

5. After submission, abstracts cannot be changed by the authors anymore. Should minor changes be necessary after submission, the submitting author should notify the program coordinator Lucy Tong at, describing exactly the change to be made. The ICGID-2021 organizers will then implement the change. In case of major changes, the authors should submit a revised abstract as an entirely new abstract and request the program coordinator of ICGID-2021 to delete the original abstract.